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17. 12. 2017

CWCH 2017 M: Juantorena grabs fourth MVP award!

Source: Photo: fivb

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Osmany Jantorena is the MVP of the Men’s Club World Championship!


Lube Civitanova’s outside hitter has grabbed his fourth MVP award at this tournament. Previously, he did it in Trentino’s jersey (2010, 2011 and 2012).

Recall that Zenit Kazan won the first-ever title at the Club World Championship.

Here is the Dream team of the #FIVBMensCWC:

MVP: Osmany Juantorena (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

Outside hitters: Wilfredo Leon (Zenit Kazan) & Yoandy Leal (Sada Cruzeiro)

Middle blockers: Alexey Samoylenko (Zenit Kazan) & Robertlandy Simon (Sada Cruzeiro)

Opposite: Tsvetan Sokolov (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

Setter: Alexander Butko (Zenit Kazan)

Libero: Jenia Grebennikov (Cucine Lube Civitanova)


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2 Comments about "CWCH 2017 M: Juantorena grabs fourth MVP award!"

18.12.2017 | 00:08 |   Pablo [unregistered]

Cubans are the best!! Juantorena,Leon,Leal,Simon. BRAVO!!

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18.12.2017 | 07:55 |   John [unregistered]

Re: @Pablo Are they really Cubans? Or they play with other passports (italian, brasilian, polish...)????

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18.12.2017 | 14:39 |   former_player [unregistered]

Another testament to the stupidity of Cuban Volleyball Federation. They could have had the dream team and rule volleyball for years. Yet they destroyed it with their pity and small-minded politics. Imagine Juantorena, Leal, Simon, Leal, Marshall, Hernandez in one team.

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