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09. 07. 2018

VNL F6 M: Tillie – „They suffocated us“; Grebennikov – „They were inhuman“

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When your team loses the final match in straight sets, you simply cannot find any excuses – you were blown away. France head coach Laurent Tillie has always been able to praise his players but also to point out the mistakes they have made. Just like he did after the gold medal match against Russia in the 2018 FIVB Men’s Volleyball Nations League.


„I’ve always been told that the silver medal had a sour taste, and it turns out that it’s true. Even though we’re happy to have come this far, we hoped to do better. But they’re stronger. Maybe, without some mistakes, we could’ve come close but they suffocated us. The crowd was magnificent; we wanted to claim this gold medal. I don’t know what I could’ve done differently. I think we just need to progress individually and as a team. Because, if we want to be world or European champions, we’ll have to beat them. So there’s work to be done,“ Tillie said.

„We were torn apart almost in every aspect of the game. I wasn’t expecting this; actually, I’m somewhat shocked. The thing is, I played against them before, whether in the national team or with my club, but they were inhuman today. I didn’t think we’d have so much trouble playing against them. The sideouts were so challenging. And then, they were three or four points ahead and it was over. When, at last, we could pass better, they improved their block; it’s too much. But now we know,“ France libero Jenia Grebennikov was brutally honest.


To see complete results, stats, and standings, visit our FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2018 / Male / Seniors page.


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Will Lube win battle for Simón? Cruzeiro refuse high-priced offer from SupeLega runners-up!

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Will Lube win battle for Simón? Cruzeiro refuse high-priced offer from SupeLega runners-up!

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