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15. 12. 2017

ITA M: President of Perugia – “Avoid managers because they’re pimps”

Source:; Photo: Michele Benda/

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Gino Sirci, the President of Italian Men’s Volleyball powerhouse Sir Safety Conad Perugia, vigorously criticized sports managers at Confindustria Umbria, the meeting of entrepreneurs from the cities of Perugia and Terni, Umbria region, Italy.


“I am a fisherman, I often go to Brazil. There is often an element of a disturbance between me and the fish, a third element, a fish that is not a fish, the piranha. A big disturber… The one who wants to eat, eat and also attacks the hook... A manager is a piranha that pushes on the players and not only the good ones but also those who do not ask him to do so...” transferred the words of Sirci regarding the managers in sports.

“The managers are people that I’m against. They may point you to a player but you don't know if he’s a good player, you do not know if he's someone who wants to drink, who is quarrelsome, who is a womanizer, who is busted... Not listening to the managers is essential to succeed in sports in general. Avoid managers because they’re pimps, they’re the worst side of the sport,” President of Perugia also stated.

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3 Comments about "ITA M: President of Perugia – “Avoid managers because they’re pimps”"

15.12.2017 | 21:43 |   Lube [unregistered]

Probably some agent give him false Cuban cigar and he is mad now...

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15.12.2017 | 22:13 |   M.B. [unregistered]

Why are you so mad on agents...there are many professional managers around’s only your problem because you pay 30% commission instead 10%. No need to put stigma on all agents when it’s only your fault.

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16.12.2017 | 11:28 |   driod [unregistered]

well, do you need players to worry all documents and things that requires specialist to do to do by themselves. Then you can acquire players who does not use manager.

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