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13. 07. 2017

BUL M: Without Yordanov at European Championship


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Bulgarian National Volleyball team will participate at the European Championship without experienced Boyan Yordanov.


The experienced opposite was not in the squad for the FIVB World League 2017 for personal reasons and now he will not be in the Bulgarian team for the championship of the Old Continent.

Super Bobo does not feel ready for such a large tournament which will be held from August 24 to September 3.

For now, Konstantinov will count to Sokolov, Chernokozhev and Zhelyzkov.

The team will train in Sofia until the end of the month and then the team will move to Varna where it will play several friendly matches.


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Igor Kolakovic – “We need more controversial players, like Ngapeth”

I am not sure from where did you get this article because it doesn't exist on which you mentioned as a source.

The title of this article is very misleading because it is obvious from reading the article that Kolakovic didn't criticize anyone. He just expressed his opinion that volleyball need more players who are media attractive like Ngapeth. Reply

This is the official format of New Volleyball League 2018, both men's and women's

Re: @Paul
Credits to Germans winning a bronze in 2014 and the 'volleyball history' that was taken account into the selection of 12 classified team. I wonder why the Netherland is not the list, they have a great history. How about Cuba, 2010 bronze medalist in world championship. The level of BS :FIVB.
No shade on the German team, I do think they should be part of the elite teams