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10. 08. 2017

EXCLUSIVE: President of Resovia – „We won’t agree to release Perrin to Beijing“

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Asseco Resovia Rzeszów plan to fight with all the means to prevent the transfer of the Canadian player John Gordon Perrin to China as he has a valid contract with seven-time Polish champions, which he extended at the end of last season. The President of Resovia, Bartosz Górski, has written a letter to the several major volleyball federations and the FIVB regarding this case and gave us the exclusive right to publish it!


„Dear all friends from volleyball world,

I am the President of Asseco Resovia Rzeszów, a club from Poland with a long history and significant position. We have been always fair to the players and staff, not only by fulfilling agreements financially to the every cent but above all, by respecting and taking care of them within whole aspects of sport and social environment. Our success is not that we are achieving titles, but to be honest and reliable to everybody.  I am writing to you, because of the very important case, which can impact, in my opinion, to our future as a discipline,“ President of ResoviaGórski, wrote and then revealed the name of the club from China who wanted to engage Perrin.

„Three weeks ago our club has received an unexpected information from one of the volleyball agents - Georges Matijasevic, that despite the valid agreement signed in April with our club, one of the players - John Gordon Perrin, wants to sign another contract with a club of Beijing. I was surprised and furthermore shocked, that in their opinion it can proceed without our permission of releasing the contract. The agent told us, that due to the FIVB regulations, a player cannot be blocked with his right to work and only financial compensation (about 20-60% of the contract) can be applied to the club if we will go to the court. As you know, in the middle of July, the transfer market was nearly closed, specifically with good level players. In this situation, the idea and strategy of our team are going to be damaged. I have informed all the parties (agent, player, the club of Beijing, Canadian Federation, FIVB), that the player has the contract and we will not agree to release him. Beijing offered us the money, which cannot be treated as a fair compensation for this case, because of the time and no valuable substitution,“ Górski emphasized.

„The contract was prepared by the agent, signed and confirmed, that is valid. Perrin made some interviews, that he is happy to stay with our club. We have also prepared all necessary training equipment for him, the apartment, a car and everything else. We also announced a roster with his name on it, signed agreements with sponsors, which are connected with goals we are going to achieve with our team, we have also paid invoice for ITC (International Transfer Certificate) to the Canadian Federation... I was concerned, that volleyball is focused to be the elite discipline, with fair and honor regulations. With no brutal behavior, safe and enthusiastic atmosphere in the sports halls, which is mostly liked by everybody, also by women and children. We are fighting on the court, for sure, but when a match is finished, we are close friends and support each other with respect,“ Resovia’s President couldn’t hide his disappointment with the whole situation.

This is what Perrin’s agent Georges Matijasevic said in regard to this.

„Therefore, I am asking now - how we will be recognized, if the basic principle, which is the signed contract, can be broken whenever someone changes his mind? If all that matters is money and not the gentleman’s word and written agreement, it is cheating and behind the ethics. I am sorry for this kind of emotional post, but I am truly worried, if there are no regulations, which can make those situations clearly stopped at the beginning, we will fail as the transparent and solid partners. We can lose support from business sponsorship if agreements between parts will not be honored. We shouldn’t now waste years of our work. I would be pleased if managers of the clubs and federations will support me within this case. I am pretty sure, that we can together develop our discipline to the top. I am also asking FIVB to prepare a clear and official statement regarding this case,“ Górski concluded.

Right after Perrin, the Frenchman Kévin Tillie requested the same from Jastrzębski!

Recall that the first case like this occurred a month and a half ago in which the Frenchman Julien Lyneel was involved.

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9 Comments about "EXCLUSIVE: President of Resovia – „We won’t agree to release Perrin to Beijing“"

10.08.2017 | 19:04 |   Marcin [unregistered]

Resow had 6-7 players from this agent,mostly play bad or was injured so we didnt have result.Who is responsible for this in club???

+0            0-
11.08.2017 | 22:00 |   Lawyer [unregistered]

Basicly both sides are right. Nobody can forbid player to work. Agent is problem here who pushed player to do this. Advice to club-if you have players from this agent next year in your team, obey contract in same way

+0            0-
11.08.2017 | 22:01 |   Mateo [unregistered]

Helllo,why all this attention to this player?I watched him in Italy and he is not top level player,his team in Italy was last!!

+0            0-
11.08.2017 | 23:40 |   Yusuf [unregistered]

He wasn't any bettter in Arkas.

+0            0-
16.08.2017 | 12:36 |   Axe [unregistered]

Re: @Mateo This attention is because the money he will get in China is huge!!!

+0            0-
11.08.2017 | 23:51 |   Salim [unregistered]

It is very interesting, without termination clause how possible agent can say this. I think he took 150.000Euro from Turkish club to terminate the contract. If Agent force him to go China, it shows his way of work. President is right, It is Gentelmen's sport... It is agent's work to smell the job market and he could advice not to sign in April. if he advised to sign him in April, he would tell player that keep the word and continue. he f.. player's reputation as well... That is how you can destroy a player.

+0            0-
12.08.2017 | 00:09 |   Dirk [unregistered]

Re: @Salim
You are not right.His agent was great volleyball player,played in Modena,Fenerbahce,Dinamo Moscow and he dont need to put himself above clubs,players,Fivb and to explain them how system work

+0            0-
12.08.2017 | 07:56 |   Tony [unregistered]

Re: @Dirk
Georges Matijasevic never played professional volleybal. He played tennis.

+0            0-
12.08.2017 | 00:21 |   Luca N [unregistered]

I told you that I am the best manager and that this one is not serious at all.

+0            0-
12.08.2017 | 07:52 |   Tony [unregistered]

Re: Dirk
GEORGES MATIJASEVIC never played professional volleyball. He played tennis

+0            0-
12.08.2017 | 11:20 |   vladimir [unregistered]

i played with this agent!
he was gereat receiver ..

+0            0-
12.08.2017 | 17:58 |   Pinky [unregistered]

I remeber him as well as good good receiver ..he was receiving in all 6 positions.No block week service ..

+0            0-
13.08.2017 | 19:44 |   jak [unregistered]

he played volley..was very good receiver ..nobody receive like him ..natural receiver from birth!!
stay strong Djordje

+0            0-

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