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08. 09. 2017

POL M: Lotos Trefl in difficult situation – main sponsor leaves, all players to become free agents?

Source: WP

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The Lotos Group has decided to leave the volleyball club from Gdansk.


This is bad news for the officials of the team from Gdansk, that are now fighting for the survival of the club.

The Lotos Group has been a part of this team since 2009. During this period, Lotos Trefl Gdansk took the Polish Cup trophy and the best result in Plusliga was the vice-championship title.

In the upcoming season, the team has decided to join the title race, as they signed Arthur Szalpuk and Piotr Nowakowski.

However, just before the start of the season, the Lotos Group has announced the withdrawal of sponsorship of the team from Gdansk. For the people who lead the team, this is a huge blow, because the sponsor covers a large part of the budget.

Some Polish media have reported that several leading players have been given a free hand to choose the new teams for the next season.


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