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06. 12. 2017

TUR W: Brenda Castillo in Galatasaray

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It seems that we have another transfer bomb in this period... or it's just a rumor...


According to volleyball blogger Burno Voloch, it seems that the Dominican libero Brenda Castillo signed for Galatasaray ISTANBUL.

The former player of Volei Bauru will play in Turkey but we still waiting for the club official announcement.

Galatasaray are in the fourth place in the Turkish championship and play the Champions League.

For the 25-year-old libero this will be her first season in Turkey. Until now she played in Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan , and Brazil.


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2 Comments about "TUR W: Brenda Castillo in Galatasaray"

06.12.2017 | 20:00 |   Pedro [unregistered]

Fake news from Voluch!!

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07.12.2017 | 18:45 |   Luiz [unregistered]

Another fake news of Bruno Voloch...

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