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15. 12. 2017 Comments 0

PER W: Defending champions of Peru sign with Michigan State outside hitter

The Women’s Volleyball champions of Peru, Regatas Lima, strengthened their roster with U.S. outside hitter ...

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14. 12. 2017 Comments 0

SUI W: Volero find replacement for Anderson – Avital Selinger new coach of Swiss giants

Volero Zürich, the Swiss Women’s Volleyball Champions, have engaged the new coach

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13. 12. 2017 Comments 0

RUS W: Sokolova is back - plays for Krasnodar!

Legendary Russian volleyball player, 40-year-old Lyubov Sokolova Shashkova returned to the court

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13. 12. 2017 Comments 0

ROU W: Serbian receiver after Dinamo Moscow goes to Alba Blaj

Romanian reigning champion Alba Blaj hired the Serbian receiver for the second part of the season 2017/2018 ...

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10. 12. 2017 Comments 0

KSA M: Invasion of Latin Americans on one of fastest-growing national championships in the world

The Peruvian website made an interesting article on foreign players competing in one of the ...

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09. 12. 2017 Comments 0

ARG M: Croatian receiver in UPCN

The 30-year-old Danijel Galic is a new member of UPCN Voley

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08. 12. 2017 Comments 0

ITA W: Carli Lloyd might return to Pomi

The new rumor comes from Italy

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07. 12. 2017 Comments 0

POL W: Chemik Police hired experienced blocker

After she became a mom in November 2016, Strashimira Simeonova ex Filipova made a pause in the club career ...

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07. 12. 2017 Comments 0

TRANSFER BOMB: The best CEV female player of 2013 signed for CSM Bucuresti

The MVP of the European Championship 2011, MVP of CEV Champions league 2013, MVP of FIVB Club World Championship ...

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06. 12. 2017 Comments 0

TUR W: Gizem signs with her second club this season – Galatasaray!

The Turkish Women's Volleyball silver medalists Galatasaray İstanbul made a sudden boost to their roster ...

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