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OLIMPIC SPORTS MANAGEMENT agency started with the work in April 2000. The founder and general manager is Irena Tomovic, graduated lawyer at the University of Belgrade. - From the beginning we have committed to working with high-quality young and experienced players. Our task is, in addition providing financial stability, ensuring quality sports development for players… Up until now, we have established co-operation with big clubs in countries around the world - In the plan we enlargement market with the help of our partners from Europe.

Krossover, a New York City-based startup, provides sophisticated data analytics technology to the sports world. With an intuitive online platform easily accessible by thousands of high school and college programs, Krossover enables coaches to use video to improve the success of their athletic programs by eliminating the time and financial impediments to managing their filmed content. With an estimated 95% of high school and college athletic programs now recording game video, Krossover is accelerating the use of indexed, on-demand video content and advanced analytics by programs of all sizes.

SB Community is a full service sports agency, representing whole team of support staff and players. As a full functioning sports agency, we offer our clients an array of services from financial to contractual to personal consulting, enabling them to more fully focus on their craft. We have connections with teams and players around the world, across Europe, North/South/Latin America, Asia & Oceania. With a strong world-wide presence SB's unique business model has opened doors in every major market for volleyball & awarded our clients lucrative playing contracts. Our mission is to provide operational excellence both in managing the professional athlete's career and in supplying to the professional sports organizations, performing athletes and well representative individuals for the best possible outcome. We, at SB Community think our clients deserve the best of world players, the highest professional guidance available, top quality and quantity of attention an athlete needs to promote themselves. Our objective is to improve constantly and allow constant improvement.