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El Salvador ( W )
El Salvador
El Salvador
Gender: Female 
Age category: Seniors 
Country: El Salvador 







Central American Cup 2018
Round robin /
Rk Team Tot W L Pts
1 Costa Rica ( W ) 5 4 1 12
2 Belize ( W ) 4 4 0 11
3 El Salvador ( W ) 4 3 1 8
4 Guatemala ( W ) 5 2 3 7
5 Nicaragua ( W ) 5 1 4 4
6 Panama ( W ) 5 0 5 0


Latest comments

ITA M: Fantastic four ready to battle for Scudetto!

#1 This is going to be a tremendous year for the Italian League. Every team has made moves to improve throughout the league.
#2 The top 4 are so close that it would not be wise to bet money.
#3 Depth and Roster managment may be the determining factor this year. It that happens , Lube and Perugia are in trouble with so much $ invested in such a few.
#4 I think the Super Coppa was a predictor to the Finals of the Scudetto. Modena and Trentino will upend Lube and Perugia. Reply

WCH 2018 W: All six teams are known for Third round

If Russia had won the match even in 5 sets they would have classified because they would have ended up with same number of victories than us but one more point. So before the last set against China ended USA was not classified Reply

WCH 2018 W: Italy keep the perfect score, easy win for Japan over Puerto Rico!

No 'perfect score'! Italy lost one set to China! The only 'perfect score' in this World Championship is Serbia's! Reply


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