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European League 2017
League Round / Pool A
Rk Team Tot W L Pts
1 Finland ( W ) 6 6 0 18
2 Belarus ( W ) 6 3 3 9
3 Albania ( W ) 6 2 4 6
4 Austria ( W ) 6 1 5 3


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More innovations in 2017: FIVB testing new rules regarding serve and back-row attack!

Beat of 7 to 15 and 8 subs per set is means half the team never sees the net and half only serves once per set. Going backwards in specializing the positions. I like the idea of subbing witthout stopping the game and no technical timeouts. Reply

WL 2017: Slovenia rout Japan to win Group 2, still hoping to advance to elite division (VIDEO)

This tournament will be such a waste of time if that new format will be introduced, eliminating the rewards for the teams that worked hard for it like Belgium and Slovenia. Reply