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Angel Rivera Perez
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
No club
First name: Angel Rivera  
Last name: Perez  
Gender: Male 
Weight: 86kg (189lb) 
Height: 190cm (6ft 2in) 
Laterality: Right 
Place of birth:  
Date of birth : 20.05.1982 
Country: Puerto Rico  
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 325cm (127in) 
Block: 318cm (125in) 

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WCH 2018 M: USA keep the winning run and put Canada in a difficult situation!

This USA team is playing at such a high level. They do not beat themselves and execute so well at all phases of the game. Reply

WCH 2018 M: These are the Pools for the second round of the World Champs!

Re: @former_player --- Can't you understand that the teams that reach the 'last games', do that because of their previous results??? :)
But this system kills the show and the competition. Most teams are already virtually eliminated. Why keep on playing? Just go home ;)

WCH 2018 M: These are the Pools for the second round of the World Champs!

Re: @Sorin Acela
Agree!!! In addition to that, first round groups were UNBALANCED. For instance, Group A consists of really weak teams: Italy, Slovenia, Dom. Rep., Arg, Japan and Belgium!!! On the other hand, Pool C has SERBIA, USA and RUSSIA, most probably ITALY would have lost against all of these 3 teams. This is UNFAIR! Teams should not be charged with their first round performances because of this obvious unbalanced groups!! AGAIN, CROOKED FIVB!!! Reply


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