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TUR W: Meliha Ismailoglu doubtful for Olympic Qualifiers?

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Yes, another example is Tomislav Ćošković, a Bosnian-born Croatian. He played for Turkish NT a few years ago:

And yet another example is Mert Marko Matić, who currently also plays for Turkish NT alongside Adis Lagumdzija: Reply

TUR W: Meliha Ismailoglu doubtful for Olympic Qualifiers?

There is no strict rule in volleyball that forbidden players to change citizenship like in football. In volleyball you can change even they you played for senior team. Just take example of Cuban players Juantorena, Leon, Leal, Simon and even Simon now returned to play for Cuba again.
Other thing is that in Turkish volleyball leagues players that have Bosnia & Herzegovina origin play like home players there.
Turkish NT had and also now has players that are former Yugoslavia origin. They now have Meliha and also Adis Lagumdzija playing for their NT and they are B&H origin.
There is rule in Turkey that surnames can't have Slavic surnames that ends with 'ić' so when they take their citizenship they either change surename either remove 'ić' from their.
Tijana isn't only player from B&H (Republika Srpska is part of B&H) that plays for Serbia NT, there is also Brankica Mihajlovic.

And as for @hf comment that Serbian federation doesn't have money to give OK Vizura to play Europe I must explain something.
OK Vizura is private club and is just like other clubs in Serbia (Vojvodina, Crvena zvezda, Partizan,....) so federation can't help one club and others don't.
When OK Vizura sold Tijana and other players and took good transfer fees for their transfers they don't give anything from that money to federation. Federation did take money from FIVB transfer like from any other player who play outside own federation. Reply