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RUS M: Terrible news - Young Russian star Dimitry Volkov broke his wrist (VIDEO)

That's the same. Outside hitter, wing spiker, receiver, left side are all meaning the same depending on the part of the world you are from. But he is not middle blocker for sure Reply

CL W: Titleholders Novara fall in Germany – Rivers leads Stuttgart to huge win

WOV, what about your favorite setter Aydinogullari? Do you think she had a good performance in these 2 CL matches?
Because you don’t lose the chance to glorify her every time. Reply

Russian athletes, including volleyball players, at serious risk of being excluded from Olympics!

The committee has spent several years investigating Russian compliance with global antidoping rules after the earlier scandal, which stemmed from revelations of a state-sponsored doping program that was remarkable for its scale and sophistication. The committee concluded that Russia had deliberately manipulated a database of test results to conceal failed drug tests by Russian athletes, and that it had fabricated evidence in an attempt to shift blame for those changes to former Russian antidoping officials.
I do feel bad for the Russian Athletes who are clean and caught up with this mess but if they are allowed to compete in Tokyo, I doubt other countries athletes will be very supportive and understanding and rightfully so. I know the volleyball world is pretty tight and friendly but the line has to be drawn when we see STATE sponsored doping. Reply