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ARG M: Nikolay Uchikov returns to his favorite team in Argentina!

Re: @pepo
Not even close to level which he head first 2 seasons in Argentina,also send out from Bulgaria national team Reply

TUR W: This is why FIVB bans Meliha to compete for Turkey – she used to play for Bosnia youth team

sorry but it seems that FIVB makes a joke. She has played almost six years at different competitions for Turkish National Volleyball Team and there is no any faulty situation announced by CEV or FIVB up to now... now the term is olyimpics and before olyimpic games FIVB made an announcement that she could be banned ... No one believes this....

It seems that FIVB does not want Turkish National volleyball team at olympics ... All other teams are afraid of this team ;) Reply

OQT M: Party in Bari - Italy wreck Serbia to punch last Tokyo ticket from International Qualifier

I fully understand that FIVB, the volleyball need money. On the internet there is a document: ' Invitation for Bid FIVB Volleyball Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournament 2019'. There is specified a Hosting fee - the minimum sum..... On another hand, fans expect top TV coverage. As for me, I noticed this year a positive progress in quality.. I was pretty satisfied, except for FIVB TV commentators.. Only one understands vollleyball, and rules well... Other ones should take some special volleyball courses. Second option for commentators is to invite top former players, or referees, coaches with good, understandable English, from all over the world...
As for resources- there should be carried out some independent analyses on drawbacks, reserves in the management of this sport , with a goal to make it more attractive for TV sport channels, sponsors, fans...