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VNL F6 W: Turkey make little revenge on China in front of rival’s crowd

is VNL now considered not that important, why, what has changed ? VNL is always important simply because tne more VNL points, the better world ranking.
all top teams except china have brought their best players they can. italy came with A++ team. brazil brought even injured natalia who cannot play more than 2 sets. poland brought best players even old setter wolosz, usa although a team full of exhausted grannies,still brought important ones like hackley, larson etc.along with young players necessarily, because they cannot continue with last millenium star akinradevo any longer.turkey dont or rarely use old players, eda and boz, left some injured star youngsters but still full of vakifbank's talents.
Now, as for china, keep the following in mind: they didnt need the preliminary round points at all since as host they already guaranteed f6.but they did need the final round points for better world ranking, (and vnl medal is not bad)

then why playing with top players in preliminary round and with b team in explanation

if they wanted to test youngsters why they wasted the preliminary round matches by playing them with experienced players? if they did avoid injuries why they risked top players by playing totally unnecessary preliminary round matches with them?
i can predict why ping run away from f6 but i'm sure of 1 thing: what china team did is a disrespect, even betrayal to vnl organization,to opponents and to volley fans. Reply

VNL F6 W: Turkey make little revenge on China in front of rival’s crowd

Re: @Karakedi Because there is no need to send in their best players. VNL now is considered not that important. With Olympic Qualification Tournament just round the corner many teams not gonna risk their best players playing long period of time. China and many top teams use VNL as the training ground tournament for tries and tests new players getting ready for Olympic. Especially China defending Olympic Champion is in the same group as Turkey in Qualifying Tournament. Jenny Lan Ping will use this opportunities to develop players in B team as well as study how Turkey plays. China certainly doesn't take any chances.

VNL F6 W: Turkey make little revenge on China in front of rival’s crowd

So why did China choose to play with B team? Why change the roaster who came first in the preliminary round? Reply