DVV (male) - 12th place

10. 12. 2011 -

Painful defeat

03. 12. 2011 -

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RUS M: Zenit Kazan untouchable, improve the winning streak to 13 games

Re: @Axe
Well its not Zenit's fault they are so good and stacked. Other teams need to meet the challenge and catch up.
The Italian leagues have done just that and we are seeing competitve matches every weekend and some upsets here and there. This has raised attendance and interest from fans, media and sponsors. Reply

JPN W: Ferhat Akbas leaves coaching staff of women’s Japanese national team

Maybe now we will see Japan get their identity back??? lol Reply

ISR W: Maccabi Haifa part ways with the Brazilian player

Neither opposite, neither injuried. Erika said in Instagram that your healthless it's perfect and leaves Macaabi for other motives, financials, I think so. Reply