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BRA W: Two Minas players nearly get into fight on time-out against Praia! (VIDEO)

Can someone explain why they got into fight?
Generally I don’t like Gattaz’s attitude. She is provocative and cocky.
“delusions of grandeur” Reply

ITA W: Retirement didn't last long! Piccinini strengthens Busto

Your racist comment has no place in a forum about sports.
I want to see an Italian team composed of the best athletes available, who will advance the sport forward and give us the best displays of athleticism, sportsmanship and dedication.

WorldOfVolley should do a better job of reviewing comments. Reply

Composition of pools at Tokyo Olympics determined: Pool B is hellish in both competitions

2 things that can change composition of this 2 groups:
1. RUS situation
2. JPN not seeded top 6 in the World Ranking (7). In the past, host countries not seeded top 6 were top seed in the Group A Reply