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TUR W: Fenerbahçe close to sign with Casalmaggiore duo Lloyd – Fabris

No no no! Lloyd can be your setter, but she's a little slow.. Fabris is strong but she makes a lot of errors especially on serve. Her attacks are inconsistent, usually spikes out.. And her defense is not that good. Better sign Mirkovic or Ognjenovic of Serbia as setter and Barun or Tomsia as opposite. Trust me! Reply

ARG M: Bolivar to sign Theo Lopes, Thomas Edgar goes to Japan

I wish Theo all the best in Bolivar.He is a great player and deserve to make another good season in Argentina. Reply

TUR M: The biggest transfer in Turkey this year? Kurek heading towards Ankara...

And he will have another time a panic attack in Ankara and he will be depressed like in Japan! Reply