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F4 in Bucharest: Vakifbank in the final

Woloscz played great, imoco could have beaten vakifbank, actually vakifbank couldn't play their game, i guess they underestimated imoco. Reply

ARG M: Velasco strongly opposed to changing nationality of volleyball players

Re: @rivers
He doesn't say that they shouldn't play in club teams. National teams are different and countries shouldn't transfer players from other countries, it shouldn't be allowed by FIVB because it is not fair and it is against the logic behind 'national teams'. If the US didn't impose economic sanctions on cuba, we wouldn't hear these sad stories. Reply

VNL M: Preliminary list of Brazil revealed, Murilo returns after 2 years

Re: @pol He's just back to training in March after an achilles tendon operation. I don't think he's prepared for the VNL. He'll probably return for the world championship.