POL M: The Enea Cup

18. 01. 2012 -

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BRA M: Robertlandy Simón says NO to Lube!

I think what Jualian meant is that in the Italian League there`s only a few Italians on the court. The libero and 1 more (nobody cares for the libero, which means there`s only 1 Italian on the court). Italian clubs does not value its own players. They prefer foreigners over Italians. Reply

BRA M: Robertlandy Simón says NO to Lube!

Re: @Tom Yes Leon is Brazilian, and he will be winning Gold in Tokyo. He will love his Country ( Brazil) even more.

AUT W: Graz for the first time in the final

This is VERY good for the Austrian League IMO. Eventually another league champion after an ETERNITY of domination by the SG SVS POST club. Reply