CEV Champions League 2014/2015 M

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10. 04. 2018 Comments 0

CL M: Zaksa become first team to make it to Final Four via Playoffs 6

Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle became the first team to make it to the Final Four of the 2018 CEV Men’s Volleyball ...

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10. 04. 2015 Comments 0

León almost broke fingers of Drzyzga with strong spike (VIDEO)

Wilfredo León is probably not aware of his strength durig spikes. Or he is.

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02. 04. 2015 Comments 0

Leon gets angry and misses the court (VIDEO)

During the first semifinal match of the Champions league Final Four, Leon suddenly got nervous and didn’t ...

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31. 03. 2015 Comments 0

Fans welcomed Champions league winners at airport in Kazan (VIDEO)

Early in the morning on Monday, the loyal fans of Zenit Kazan welcomed their heroes at Kazan’s airport ...

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31. 03. 2015 Comments 3

CL M: Can volleyball be more like football?

We have the new European champion, the new MVP of the continent, but some things are still the same ...

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30. 03. 2015 Comments 0

Top 5 most magical moments of CL Final Four (VIDEO)

It’s about time to recapitulate what happened at the Champions League magical weekend in Berlin

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30. 03. 2015 Comments 0

#IAMINBERLIN: Marouf for WoV – “I’m not sure whether I go or stay in Kazan”

One of the best setters in the world Saeid Maoruf is the first Iranian who won the Champions league in ...

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30. 03. 2015 Comments 0

ATOMIC VOLLEYBALL: Rally worthy of Champions League finals (VIDEO)

Zenit Kazan showed dominance in the Champions League finals, but far from the fact that Asseco Resovia ...

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29. 03. 2015 Comments 3

#IAMINBERLIN: How hard is this? Sideways set by Marouf (VIDEO)

In the very first contact with the ball in the big Champions League final, Saeid Marouf made a fantastic set ...

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29. 03. 2015 Comments 0

#IAMINBERLIN: Carroll for WoV - "Uriarte sends very fast balls"

The Australian receiver Paul Carroll was impressed by Skra's playing style

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