14. 05. 2019

INTERVIEW: Sultans League's sponsor Vestel Venus - "It was very a exciting season"

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One more season has been finished in Turkish women's league and now it's time to summarize it.


This is an interview with the league sponsors, who have commented on the whole season and the future plans.

The season 2018-19 is over in the Vestel Venus Sultans League. How was the season for Vestel?

A very competitive season has come to an end in Vestel Venus Sultans League where the brand value and quality are increasing every year and where high level and exemplary athletes are competing. Sports fans had the chance to watch games with high pleasure throughout the season. We, as Vestel, have followed all this excitement closely. In order to make volleyball more entertaining, we have implemented digital projects and organized events before and after the games. We can say that it was a season full of excitement and content,” says Tunc Berkman, Vestel Trade Co. CMO & Sales VP of Mobile Products.

Are you satisfied with the interest to volleyball?

Vestel Venus Sultans League is the most important league in Europe and even in the world. The best female volleyball players of the world are playing in our league. This ensures that the competition is at the highest level. Our clubs in the league have a great place in Europe and the world during recent years. Unfortunately, football is a sports branch that attracts all the interest in our country, but our success in volleyball is undisputedly at the highest level. We are working hard to ensure that volleyball appeals to a wide audience,” explains Feza Turuncoglu, Marketing Communications & Retail Marketing Group Manager.

The third year is completed in your sponsorship adventure in volleyball. What do you think about this period?

As Vestel, the technology giant of Turkey, we have taken this decision to contribute to the rise of the Turkish volleyball. Women’s volleyball is the sports branch that best represents our country in the international arena. Our female athletes have brought 13 European and 6 World Championships to Turkey to date. Gathering Vestel, which has proven its success with its production power and represents our country best in the global league by exporting to 155 countries, and such a successful sports branch together has been one of the most meaningful and harmonious sponsorships for us. As you know, we continue with volleyball as the main sponsor of the Turkey Volleyball Federation (TVF) since the season of 2016-2017. In addition to the name sponsorship of the Sultans League, our cooperation also covers the main sponsorship of all the volleyball national teams and the official sponsorship of all other branches. As the main sponsor of TVF, we were also one of the official sponsors of “Efeler League”, “Cup Volley” Turkey Cup, Turkey Beach Volley League “Pro Beach Tour” and other organizations of TVF. Giving our name to the women’s volleyball, which we consider as the most important women’s movement of the history of the Republic, has been making us proud since the day we signed the contract,” says Tunc Berkman.

Volleyball is now associated with Vestel. How do you think this is achieved?

The name of women’s volleyball, which is considered as the most successful sports branch of Turkey, is now associated with Vestel and this is very valuable for us. You need to think of a lot of aspects while sponsoring. Therefore, it is important to be the right sponsor, not to become a sponsor. We are trying to establish sustainable cooperations which correspond to our brand and which we can make a contribution to the sports branch itself in addition to our brand. We are happy that we progress as we targeted in the volleyball. If you establish the right business cooperations, you certainly get the right returns. We are also delighted to walk with Turkish volleyball, especially the women's volleyball,” explains Tunç Berkman.

Will your cooperation with the volleyball continue?

One of our goals while starting with this sponsorship was to ensure that volleyball, especially the women’s volleyball as the most successful sports branch of Turkey, receives the interest that it deserves, and to make more people to love volleyball. I believe we have accomplished this during the first two years. Both volleyball and the volleyball-Vestel relationship are now well-settled in the minds of people. As Vestel, we are assertive in business we make and in every sponsorship we make. So, if we are going to cooperate, then we should plan this in the best way and act accordingly. Sustainability is very important at this point,” says Feza Turunçoğlu.

There was a great atmosphere particularly during the final series. What would you like to say as a person who experienced this excitement at the sports hall?

The final series between Eczacıbaşı Vitra, which started the season by winning the Spor Toto Champions Cup and reached the happy end in AXA Insurance Cup Volley, and VitrA, the last World Champion, was full of excitement. In the 5-game series, both teams had the advantage one after another. I would like to congratulate both teams for letting us to watch a breathtaking final series,” says Feza Turunçoğlu.

Your sponsorship is not just limited with the Sultans League. The national team adventure is starting. What would you like to say about our national teams and this sponsorship?

Although we are mostly seen in the women’s volleyball, we are also the jersey sponsor of the Men’s National Team. Men's volleyball in Turkey appears to be overshadowed by the women's volleyball. But this is not the case; we are in one of the most important periods in men. We continue to follow and support them closely,” says Tunç Berkman.

You made a great contribution to the introduction of volleyball with your commercials. Are there any new commercials we should expect for the new season?

We had two important goals while sponsoring the Sultans League. One of them was to raise awareness about the value and importance of the Turkish volleyball and to increase the ratings, and the other one was to support volleyball in every field, age and gender and contribute to the progress of the Turkish volleyball. We are aware of the fact that the work we do to achieve our goals should be a long-term and continuous one. We have some preparations and plans regarding the matter. It won’t be the right thing to share the details as they are not clear yet, but we may have some good news in the near future,” says Tunc Berkman.



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