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Kim Yeon-Koung for WoV – “I still didn’t make any decisions for next season”

by WoV

Korean volleyball star Kim Yeon-Koung finished the season in Chinese league and unfortunately her team Shanghai took the silver medal. But, she is not unsatisfied.

Kim Yeoun Koung


In the mini interview for WorldofVolley, Kim Yeon-Koung talked about her adventure in China.

Can you tell us what was missing in the finals and is Jingying Li really such a great player?

“I believe Jingying Li is a very good player. She is very young with a lot of potentials to improve. Tianjin had good basic fundamentals along with a strong defense thus persistently giving us a difficult time. It’s a shame that we did not capitalize on the opportunity in game 6 of the finals.”

Will you stay in China for the next season?

I have not made any definitive decisions yet and intend to keep all options open and thoroughly review them.”

You played two All-Star matches, one in China and one Korea-Thailand. How was it?

They are all great events that bring an additional spotlight to the sport. It’s the second time the Korea-Thailand All-Star Game has been organized. It has gathered quite a bit of attention in both countries and it is definitely improving the exposure of the sport. I had a great time during the event held in Korea. The atmosphere felt like a concert which brought the fans and the athletes joyfully together. The Chinese All-Star Game was the first time I participated, it was well prepared and very fancy. I wasn’t able to show much, but it was entertaining to be playing with other stars that I’ve met as an opponent.”


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Chen Mai April 22, 2018 - 1:03 am

The Chinese volleyball fans love her. She is a superstar and a legend. She might not be the first Asian volleyball player to play in Europe, but she certainly gave notice to the world that Asian players can play in their leagues and are just as good and talented as well as great. She opens the doors of the European leagues wider for Asian players.

Sam Kim April 23, 2018 - 3:14 am

The major problems why there have not been more great / talented Asians who played great and to their potentials in European leagues are language barriers and cultural differences. Asians are thought to conform, not to be aggressive, be nice, do not complain if possible, etc. Also there is still racial overtone against Asians in European leagues.


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