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05. 11. 2012 -

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OQT M: Dutch team narrowly escape defeat to Korea, USA beat Belgium in 4

What kinda of injury did Nimir Abdel-Aziz suffer? Reply

OQT W: Korean federation files complaint to FIVB against offensive celebration of Russia’s coach

Serbians and Russians always do that in real life too, which makes them uneducated and ignorant. I think asians should pinch noses in order to show them mocking big noses and very bad smell also. Reply

TUR W: Meliha Ismailoglu doubtful for Olympic Qualifiers?

dudes,will u never give up :D intention was to stop this posting but ok last post:

lets make clear,no one denies bh-origin of meliha.she was born in bosnia,spent her childhood and teenager years there, bh citizen,her native language was surely bosnian,her parents were bh ctizens ( and probably they r still so),etc etc.... but,the discussion is about sthing totally different,i.e.the ethnic origin of meliha..UR BIRTHPLACE CHANGES UR CITIZENSHIP BUT NOT UR ETHNICITY. in bosnia the majority r slav people of different beliefs but there is also a turkish minority, so a bh-origin girl can well be ethnically a turk. her original surname (smailovic) musnt confuse u .pls google the assimilation of balkan turks...turkish names, surnames, even speaking turkish were forbidden to these poor people for many decades..

but i ensure u SLAV GIRLS DONT SPEAK TURKISH..THERE IS NOT SUCH A WORLD, believe me :D :D (but meliha speaks)

and turkish national athletes of foreign origin dont sing turkish national anthem in ceremonies and they r not expected and/or required to sing bcause such a request would be too absurd , their awarding citizenship is just a formality...but things changed when the athlete has an ethnic identity of a turk and has relatives in turkey,etc,etc

pls watch below video, in particular from 50th second on.. Reply