17. 04. 2019

ITA M: Zaytsev to return to Lube after 5 years, negotiations in advanced stage?

Source: dal15al25.gazzetta.it; Photo: modenavolley.it

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There are some serious hints about a true transfer bomb in the Italian Men’s Volleyball Championship for the next season…


As Gian Luca Pasini from La Gazzetta dello Sport reported, Cucine Lube Civitanova, this season’s CEV Champions League finalists, focused on hiring superstar Ivan Zaytsev from the national title rivals Azimut Leo Shoes Modena! The reason why Lube are in pursuit of a world-class opposite hitter is the fact that Bulgarian Tsvetan Sokolov will likely leave for Zenit Kazan, Pasini also revealed.

Knowing that their attempts to sign Brazilian Wallace Souza from SESC-RJ failed, Lube turned to Zaystev. Allegedly, the negotiations between the two parties are in the advanced stage. Zaytsev already wore the jersey of Lube (2012-2014), winning the Italian Championship and Super Cup once each during that period.

In case they reach an agreement with “The Tsar”, Lube will have to pay a buyout clause that stands in the athlete’s contract with Modena which is estimated to € 300,000 euros.


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3 Comments about "ITA M: Zaytsev to return to Lube after 5 years, negotiations in advanced stage?"

17.04.2019 | 14:53 |   I dont care what u say [unregistered]

Lube didnt pay Simon buyout they wont pay either Zaitzev either. Ivan will likelly ask about 450k and 550 k for play for them. Sokolov leaves so they can manager a lil bit better their budget now.

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17.04.2019 | 16:27 |   former_player [unregistered]

That would be interesting from multiple angles. Zaytsev for Sokolov will solve Lube's foreign legion problem but releasing Stankovic will do the same. I guess it all depends whether will Lube win something this year because they lost 7 last finals they played in. I don't see them winning the Italian championship since Perugia and Trentino are better teams. Unless they win Champions League over Zenit, although they lost every single game against them in the last few years, they might be due for huge reconstruction since their foreign legion recipe didn't work.

With Anderson, Modena will be able to compete with Trentino, Lube, and Perugia but if Zaytsev leaves, they will need the 1st class opposite since Anderson said he is coming as an outside hitter. Boyer from Verona would be the strong candidate although I am not sure about his contract.

I am not sure what is going on with Leal, he is taking the second chair to Juantorena although he is 3 years younger so not sure he will be around next year.

If Sokolov goes to Zenit, what will happen with Mikhailov? I don't see him replacing Anderson as an outside hitter since he is one of the best opposites in the world. It would be funny if he actually comes to Modena as the opposite.

I am wondering in general why there are no Russians playing outside of Russia.

+1            2-
18.04.2019 | 00:41 |   synlerak [unregistered]

Re: @former_player
Lube literally beat Zenit Kazan in the Club World Championships 2018 so it's not like Zenit Kazan is Lube's dark horse. Also claiming that Trentino is a better team than Lube is a blunt statement since Lube has both won and lost multiple times against them.

+2            0-
18.04.2019 | 12:39 |   True but that's the only time Lube beat Zenit in last few years, probably because Leon was gone and Ngapeth still didn't get into rhythm with his new team. And when I expected Lube to become world champion, they got blown away by Trentino :) [unregistered]

Re: @synlerak

+0            1-
14.05.2019 | 20:33 |   inc0gnito [unregistered]

Re: @former_player

Mikhaylov will move to the OH position, replacing Anderson. Anderson in the OH position is decent as best, so IMO Zenit wouldn't really lose anything. The big question is whether Sokolov can fill in Mikaylov's shoes as Kazan's opposite. That is the bigger question

+0            0-
14.05.2019 | 22:00 |   former_player [unregistered]

Re: @inc0gnito Moving Mikhailov who is one of the best opposites in the world to OH would be ridiculous. He would likely be average OH. So losing 1st class opposite in order to get average OH is nonsense. Much better move would be to bring another good OH like Sander who left Sada.

The real problem is to find world-class OH who wants to move to Kazan, in the middle of nowhere. Not sure how Anderson managed to be there for 7 years.

Juantorena said once that he could have made much more money elsewhere but he doesn't want to leave Italy since he has a family.

+0            1-
15.05.2019 | 06:47 |   atanachokesevic [unregistered]

Re: @former_player Mikhailov an average OH? He's even better than Kliuka and Volkov nowadays.
The real question is how they will find a decent libero in Russia after Verbov retires.

+0            0-
18.04.2019 | 10:21 |   M [unregistered]

Probably someone that doesnt watch Lube’s game. In the last 3 games against each other, Lube won all against Trentino. it’s about Attack (lube) x defense and reception (Trentino), and saying to me that Lube is worst them Trentino is far from the truth. Also, Lube won when they were playing worse in the world club championship 2018 against Zenit, so it’s not like Lube can’t compete against Zenit. Trentino for me is the overrated club here, they have for me the best defense and reception, but they lack attack. let’s see which team wins, but considering the games against each other in this Italian league, Lube is the favorite to win the series

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