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WCH 2018 M: Russia and Netherlands victorious, Belgium advance to the next round with 3-2 score!

Was Russia that bad in second set or their fans overreacting again. I didn't watch game. Reply

WCH 2018 M: Fantastic volleyball battle in Bari - USA down the favorite no. 1 Russia

Thats a shame. No need for that. There is so much volleyball left in this tournament. If you look at the USA's reaction and especially the team, they certainly were happy but very tempered and low key . I suspect both these teams will be in the semis or finals before it is all said and done. Reply

WCH W: The Netherlands selected 14 players

The most important thing is that Robin de Kruijff and Nika Daalderop are injured. Therefore I think Netherlands will underperforme in the WCH. Hopefully those two players will be back for Olympic qualification. Reply