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Yuliya Julia Miniuk
Middle Blocker
Savallese Millenium BRESCIA ( W ) Volley Millenium BRESCIA ( W ) Savallese Millenium BRESCIA ( W ) Volley Millenium BRESCIA ( W )
First name: Yuliya Julia 
Last name: Miniuk  
Gender: Female 
Weight: 75kg (165lb) 
Height: 189cm (6ft 2in) 
Place of birth:  
Date of birth : 23.05.2000 
Country: Belarus  
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 283cm (111in) 
Block: 232cm (91in) 

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CL M: Gdansk were close to conquer Kazan, golden set saves Zenit!

What is your opinion about that videocheck at 12/11 - 13/11 ??
It seems to me that there is no block touch at all by the way… I was not against Kazan but I had never seen such a quick decision about a controversial challenge.

CL W: Imoco beat the odds! Italian side victorious in golden set to eliminate Eczacıbaşı

Can someone explain us why Boskovic didn’t play yesterday?
I really can’t find any excuse for this decision.
He could start the game with Boskovic, take the first two sets and then change her.
However, congratulations to Imoco! Reply

CL W: Yellow Angels were down by 2-0, but make comeback to secure the semifinal spot

Haak is 19 years old...She'll win several Champion's League and her career don't worry.
Anyway buy glasses cause her efficiency was 32%... Reply



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