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Eva Mori
LKS Commercecon LODZ ( W ) LKS Commercecon LODZ ( W )
First name: Eva 
Last name: Mori 
Gender: Female 
Weight: 70kg (154lb) 
Height: 186cm (6ft 1in) 
Place of birth: Kanal Ob Soci,Slovenia 
Date of birth : 13.03.1996 
Country: Slovenia  
EU Passport: YES 
Spike: 291cm (114in) 
Block: 279cm (109in) 

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Galatasaray is not thinking of taking any foreign player next year. Journalist and manager just pumping his price in Modena. Reply

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This is just the proof how long are promises honored in professional volleyball. Last year Lube said that Stankovic, belowed El Capetano, will be coming back next year when he obtain Italian citizenship, he's been with Lube for 10 years, and we want him back. Reply

RUS W: Karpol enters Guinness World Records!

Watching Nikolay Karpol and Yevgeni Trefilov (handball, head coach of the Russia women's national team) during the timeouts always made me feel sorry for these girls and was amusing at the same time. They both created the stereotypical image of a typical Russian coach – a big guy, always unsatisfied and yelling at everyone :) Still they both achieved a lot and it cannot be denied. Reply