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Jana Matiašovska-Aghayeva Kulan
No club
First name: Jana 
Last name: Matiašovska-Aghayeva Kulan  
Gender: Female 
Weight: 82kg (180lb) 
Height: 200cm (6ft 6in) 
Place of birth: Bratislava ; Slovakia  
Date of birth : 07.07.1987 
Country: Azerbaijan 
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 316cm (124in) 
Block: 311cm (122in) 

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ITA M: Trentino secure signature of 3-time consecutive SuperLega top scorer Abdel-Aziz!

One of the best opposite hitters in the world right now. Trentino will have a hell of the power when it comes to finish the ball but will definetely struggle to receive it. Both Lucarelli and Kooy are easy targets to aim and were usually hidden behind a libero. Still seems like there will be top 3 clubs in Italy next season: Lube, Perugia, Trentino. Modena will be weaker for sure and will struggle to be in the top 6 and Piacenza may make a surprise. Reply

ITA M: Trentino sign newly proclaimed Italy National Team member Kooy

Dick Kooy is a really solid player who has been very consistent in his pro career. Gaining him and Rossini are very very good Italian additions. That being said the loss of Grebennikov, Russell and Kovacevic will be significant.
Ultimately I will cheer for a healthy uninterrupted A1 or no fans....We need to play volleyball!!! Reply