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Saša Starović
Panathinaikos A.O. ATHENS Panathinaikos A.O. ATHENS
First name: Saša 
Last name: Starović 
Gender: Male 
Weight: 88kg (194lb) 
Height: 207cm (6ft 9in) 
Laterality: Left 
Place of birth: Gacko (BIH) 
Date of birth : 19.10.1988 
Country: Serbia 
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 345cm (135in) 
Block: 331cm (130in) 

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'Until a year ago, Hippe was an indispensable member of the Germany National Team.' is not correct. She has not been playing for the national team since 2013. Reply

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Well Sports Fans, the reality is that Italy won't be alone and you can bet more Federations will do the same as this worlwide pandemic evolves. Summer sports for all will not be happening and I can forsee European Leagues holding off until late October and November. Budgets for all clubs and federations are in a holding pattern until we get a better grip on this virus. Its actually a smart decision by the Italians. Hopefully the Atheltes use this time to rest and strengthen their bodies Reply