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Nikolay Vasilyevich Karpol
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
First name: Nikolay 
Last name: Vasilyevich Karpol 
Gender: Male 
Place of birth:  
Date of birth : 01.05.1938 
Country: Russian Federation 


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Ekaterina Gamova's wedding

Bolches yarboclos

The bride was gorgeous and looks very happy.

GRE W: Suspended Korean player Lee Da-Yeong going to play in Greece

Excited to see Dayeong venture out to an overseas league to grow as a player! Since the Greece league is weaker than the Korean league, it'll be an opportunity to see if she can step up to the plate to lead her team as a setter, while also showing herself to other leagues for future seasons.

The twins were indefinitely suspended after the accusations made towards them about what they did back during elementary school, but they're currently in the midst of a court investigation process to prove that most of the accusations made against them were false (they acknowledged some of them and had apologized immediately & publicly for those).
Once that is resolved - hopefully soon, she should have no issues going abroad.

Heard rumours that PAOK is also looking for a foreign OH, and is looking at signing her twin sister Jaeyeong together with her as a package.
I sure hope that is true and will come to pass as well! Will be additionally fun seeing them play together, and they can rely on one another in a new foreign environment. Reply