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LIVE from Krakow: Zenit Kazan conquer Tauron Arena to enter the final!

by WoV
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Zenit Kazan will have opportunity to defend the title of the CEV Champions League. They managed to beat Asseco Resovia in the semifinal clash 3-1!

Zenit Kazan

Zenit Kazan

After poor display in the first set and after poor opening in the second match, Zenit KAZAN raised and started playing much better. Simply, Asseco Resovia RZESZOW could not do anything to stop the Russian side.

We just have to underline that the key moment happened in the second set when Vladimir Alekno decided to make substitution. Igor Kobzar replaced Alexander Butko

Top scorers: Leon 18, Mikhailov 17, Anderson 12, Ashchev 11 – Kurek 16, Akhrem 15…


25:21 – Zenit Kazan will play in the final of the CEV Champions League after stunning spike of Leon

21:18 – Gutsalyk brings Zenit big advantage!

19:17 – What a bomb by Leon! Time out by Andrzej Kowal

18:17 – Mikhaylov stops Kurek!

17:16 – Fantastic triple block of Zenit, Mikhaylov!

15:16 – Good volleyball in fourth set at Tauron Arena. Resovia have the lead at the 2nd TTO

14:15 – After a while, Resovia have the advantage

13:13 – Bartosz Kurek is there to keep Resovia in race

12:12 – Akhrem scores a point

12:11 – Leon! Good attack of Cuban star

11:11 – Jaeschke with a good spike. All tied

10:9 – Ashev scores 9th point, Zenit have the lead again

7:8 – Resovia have the lead at the first TTO

5:7 – Akhrem has finally managed to block Mikhaylov

5:6 – Jaeschke creates new lead of REsovia

5:4 – Service error on the other side as well

4:4 – Mistake by Mikhaylov from the service line

4:3 – Zenit get the lead in the fourth set

3:3 – All tied

2:3 – Kurek keeps Resovia ahead of Zenit




25:18 – Akhrem makes mistake from the service line. Zenit have the lead

24:18 – First set point for Zenit

22:17 – Akhrem scores and decreases the lead of Zenit

21:15 – There is no doubt who is going to win this set…

19:13 – Anderson makes excellent job in defense.

18:13 – Holmes is trying to cut the lead of Zenit

16:9 – Zenit Kazan stop even the best player in Resovia – Akhrem

14:9 – Kurek finally scores 

14:8 – ACE! Mikhaylov is destroying the Polish side. Jaeschke enters the game instead of Nikolay Penchev

13:8 – Mikyalov again!

12:7 – The opposite of Zenit Maxim Mikhaylov scores again

11:7 – Russell Holmes scores 4th point! Resovia are still trailing…

11:6 – Matt Anderson is unstoppable at the moment

8:3 – Big advantage of Zenit Kazan at the first technical time-out

6:3 – Akhrem is trying to wake up his teammates

6-2 – Leon with amazing ace! Resovia are in really tough situation

5:2 – Fantastic block of Matt Anderson!

3:2 – Good reaction by Bartosz Kurek

3:1 – Maxim Mikhaylov have already reached double digits




26:24 – BOOM! Leon destroys the floor from the 6th meter! Zenit tie in sets 1-1!

25:24 – Great rally! Leon now manages to score

24:24 – Big mistake of Leon! He steps on the third meter line!

24:23 – Leon makes mistake from the service line

24:22 – Mikhaylov scores, Zenit is very close to tie the score

23:22 – Akhrem keeps Resovia in race!

23:21 – Penchev against Kobzar! Bulgarian receiver wins

23:20 – Anderson! Great pipe by American receiver

21:18 – Mikhaylov gets Zenit much closer to the goal in this set 

20:17 – Seventh point for Cuban star Wilfredo Leon

19:17 – Kobzar touches the net, point goes to Resovia

19:16 – Mistake of Pashytsky, Zenit Kazan have three-point lead again

18:16 – Akhrem with an excellent attack 

17:14 – A member of Bulgarian national team Nikolay Penchev has scored a point

17:13 – Another point of Zenit

16:13 – Zenit is playing much better. Ace of Mikhaylov

15:13 – Kurek makes mistake again. Zenit have two-point lead for the first time in this game

13:12 – Kurek sends ball out of bounds 

12:12 – Kobzar finds Leon, who scores the first point in this set

11:12 – What a point of Akhrem. Resovia have the lead again

11:10 – This is the first lead of Zenit since the beginning of the match. Anderson scores with amazing pipe

9:10 – Pashytsky destroys the defense of the rival

9:9 – Amazing point streak of the reigning champions! Kowal takes time-out! Ashcev has made a good job for Zenit

6:9 – A minute ago, Kobzar entered the game. 

5:9 – Akhrem manages to score 

5:8 – Kurek makes mistake

3:8 – Huge advantage of Resovia at the first TTO! Zenit Kazan is confused

3:6 – Leon scores and goes to the service line

2:6 – Thomas Jaeschke is causing a lot of troubles to reigning champions! Another ace

2:5 – Huge mistake by Gutsalyk. He sends ball into his court

2:3 – Maxim Mikhaylov scores 

0:2 – Anderson sends ball wide from the position 6

0:1 – Resovia again have the lead at the start of the second set


Leon vs. triple block of Resovia

Leon vs. triple block of Resovia

22:25 – Mistake by opposite of Zenit! It was a sign for celebration of Resovia’s fans.

22:24 – Mikhaylov still keeps Zenit in race after amazing ace!

20:24 – Kurek gives Resovia first set point!

19:23 – Leon is powerless! The triple block of the host team stop him again

19:22 – Big lead for Resovia! Olieg Achrem stops Leon 

18:20 – Russell Holmes tricks Zenit’s receivers from the service line

18:19 – Aleksander Butko gives Resovia new lead. Read what Butko told for WorldofVolley before the start of Final Four in Krakow

18:18 – All tied again

17:17 – Another block of Zenit, Ashev blocks Jaeschke

16:17 – Anderson catches Kurek with amazing block!

15:17 – Drzyzga has tried to score, but…

14:17 – Jaeschke scores very important point

14:16 – Mistake by Resovia

13:16 – Again Resovia get three point lead! Now, at the second TTO!

13:15 – Counter attack for Resovia

13:13 – Zenit Kazan quickly make three points in a row. Anderson with a pipe levels the game. Time out Resovia!

11:13 – Mikhaylov keeps Zenit in race

10:13 – Resovia have three points of advantage again. The head coach of Zenit calls for time out!

10:12 – Drzyzga blocks Leon

10:11 – Kurek with a bomb. Resovia lead again

10:10 – Ashev ties the score after great score

9:10 – Great rally! After great save of Verbov, Mikhaylov scores point! 

8:9 – On the other side, Jaeschke sends ball out of bounds

7:9 – Footfault! Butko makes mistake from the service line

6:8 – At the first TTO, host team have two-point lead

5:6 – Anderson stops the attack of Resovia

2:5 – Bartosz Kurek with amazing spike

2:4 – Leon scores first point

0:3 – Good start of Resovia

0:2 – Ace by Thomas Jaeschke

0:1 – Resovia take the lead


16:24 (CET) – Everything is set for the big clash! The players have finished the warm up session!

15:48 (CET) – The opening ceremony of the CEV Champions League is underway

15:40 (CET) – The fans are still arriving in Tauron Arena!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 16. 04. 2016 16:30 Zenit KAZAN vs Asseco Resovia RZESZOW 3:1 22:25; 26:24; 25:18; 25:21    
Semifinal 2 16. 04. 2016 19:30 Diatec TRENTINO vs Cucine Lube Banca Marche CIVITANOVA 0:0      

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