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TUR M: Kubiak – “If I were not afraid, I’d be a fool. But, I’m staying in Ankara”

by WoV
source: przegladsportowy.pl; Photo: przegladsportowy.pl

The Polish star Michal Kubiak has made a confession. He said that he is afraid of the potential terrorist attacks in Ankara.



“I will not hide my fear of the bombs. If I were not afraid, I would be a fool. I live in Ankara with my family, you have to understand me. If I were alone, I would not take responsibility for anyone. If something happens to me, I will say that’s a life. But, I have a family, we generally feel well in Ankara, but sometimes we feel a threat. After the game against Modena, police told us to stay in the hall. That was terrifying. But, I have to say that people live normally as in Paris. Such things happen in many places in the world and that have become an indispensable part of our live. In Poland, there are no attacks and we are living in piece. In Turkey, there is fear, but we are trying to live a normal life. Of course, we don’t go to any meetings but we do not avoid public places. My child goes to kinder garden normally. Media also have a part in all of this. They present dramatic situation but it is enough to come to Ankara to see that there is a peace.”

For how long you will be staying in Ankara?

I have a valid contract with Halkbank for another season and I’m staying here” says Kubiak.


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