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FIN M: Referee without mercy! Red card decided semifinal series of Finnish playoffs (VIDEO)

by WoV
source: yle.fi

Recently, we have seen a bizarre situation when Funvic/Taubaté lost semifinal series of Brazilian playoffs by receiving red card. Only few days afterwards, another team had the same kind of faith!



In semifinals of the Finnish playoffs, the player of Hurrikaani Loimaa, the Moroccan Mohamed Alhachdadi, celebrated a point in a tie-break in an unsportsmanlike manner, according to the referee.

Since players of both teams have been previously warned by yellow cards to pay attention on their behavior, referee decided to apply drastic measures. The „inappropriate“ celebration occured at 14-12 so, red card ment that VaLePa won the match and series at the same time (3-2). Forward video to 2:30.

Players and staff of Hurrikaani were in disbelief. Some were even applauding to the referee, ironicly.

Recall what it looked like in Brazil.

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