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by Danijel Vranesic

Successful Italian coach Massimo Barbolini will present his view of the block practice of girls’ and women’s volleyball and the specifics of block training with players.

Massimo Barbolini presented a talk on The Specifics of Block Training with Female Players at the 2019 World Volleyball Coaches Show.

Why is it crucial for young female players to make contact with the ball at the block?
When is the ideal moment to leap for the block?
Why is it occasionally important to work out in a slow rhythm?

In this course, you will find all your answers!

You may find the answers to these queries in the lecture recording by Massimo Barbolini. Block is a crucial component of M. Barbolini’s women’s and girls’ teams’ winning strategy. Additionally, you will learn the significance of the net height and coaches’ involvement in block workouts.

Meet your instructor

Massimo Barbolini

One of the most successful female volleyball coaches in the world is Italian Massimo Barbolini. Massimo twice led Italy to European championship victories in 2007 and 2009. He and Italy also won the World Cup in 2007 and 2011. He also won the Club World Championships and the Champions League four times each. Barbolini is currently coaching the Italian women’s Serie A1 side Scandicci. He has won an amazing 30 trophies in national and international contests during the course of his career. He frequently receives invitations to volleyball conferences and workshops in Italy, where he instructs Italian coaches.

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