GRE: Aris - Kifisia 3-1

16. 02. 2012 -

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CHN W: Lippmann leaves Shanghai before decisive game of playoff semifinals

100% support Lippmann. Shanghai (club/administration)and the league had to know this was a possibility, just like every other league in the world who employs players vying for the Tokyo Qualifers.

EST M: Énard takes charge as Estonia Men’s National Team head coach

'In 2014, Micelli moved to the Polish league and won the national cup the same year with Trefl Proxima Kraków'
Nope, with Atom Trefl Sopot and in the same SEASON. Trefl Proxima Kraków has been founded in 2016. Reply

ITA M: Names of Bruno and Ngapeth circulate as Modena’s reinforcements in 2020...

Re: @Will I wish you are right however Lube is in the same situation and it doesn't have that problem. Anyway, volleyball is much more fun when mighty four (Lube, Modena, Trentino, and Perugia) are playing great and everyone can win