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GRE M: Panathinaikos Clinches Crucial Victory to Stay Alive in Volley League Finals

by WoV

Panathinaikos kept their championship hopes alive with a thrilling victory over Olympiacos, winning 3-2 in sets, narrowing the final series gap to 1-2. The match, which lasted 2.5 hours, showcased both teams’ resilience, with Panathinaikos improving significantly from previous games. The team excelled in their serve game, which played a critical role in their win.

Panathinaikos – Photo: CEV

The finals series will continue next Monday, when Olympiacos will have the chance to secure their 22nd title in front of their fans. Despite the win, Panathinaikos struggled with their blocks, scoring only three in five sets compared to Olympiacos’s eleven.

Key players for Panathinaikos included Fernando Hernández, who sealed the win with an ace during the tie-break, and Athanásios Protopsáltis, who both delivered outstanding performances. For Olympiacos, the efforts were led by Mitar Đurić and Salvador Hidalgo, who were crucial in the second set turnaround with their strong blocks and attacks.

The teams will meet again for a critical game four, with Panathinaikos aiming to level the series and push it to a decisive fifth match.

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