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SLO M: ACH Volley Ljubljana Takes Lead in Slovenian Championship Finals

by WoV

ACH Volley Ljubljana is off to a strong start in the Slovenian championship finals, leading 1-0 against Calcit Kamnik after clinching the first game 3-1 at Tivoli, Ljubljana. Despite recent challenges and doubts about their capabilities, the Ljubljana team has rebounded remarkably, largely attributed to the coaching change from Radovan Gačić to Matjaž Hafner.

ACH Volley Ljubljana – Photo: CEV

Under Hafner’s guidance, the team has not only enhanced its chemistry but also showcased a reliable, albeit not flashy, performance by minimizing errors. Although they faced a setback in the first set, they regained their composure and dominantly took the remaining sets to secure the win.

Notably, the team overcame the absence of Danijel Koncilija, with Jošt Kržić stepping up as a commendable replacement. Kržić impressed as the match’s top blocker, contributing significantly alongside Alen Šket, who led with 24 points. For Calcit Kamnik, Dimitar Dulčev was the leading scorer with 16 points.

The teams are set to face off in the second match of the finals on Sunday, April 21, in Kamnik.

Cup tree provided by Sofascore

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