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FIVB to introduce major changes in format and timeframe of World Championships to come?

by WoV

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) doesn’t stop to surprise.

Poland vs USA, 2022 FIVB Men’s World Championship (Photo: en.volleyballworld.com)

The FIVB’s decision to introduce the new ranking of national teams at the end of the group stage and appoint seeds right before the start of the Men’s Volleyball World Championship in Poland and Slovenia (giving these two teams an upper hand) to a surprise of all participants was obviously only a prelude to some bigger changes. According to Filip Czyszanowski from TVP Sport, the FIVB authorities are seriously considering major changes in the World Championship, which can pretty much be considered as messing with the regulations.

Further changes about which the governing body of the world volleyball is thinking are related to the tournament format, and they aren’t small. The World Champs, which takes place during even years is to be postponed to odd years. Why? Not to interfere with the football World Cup! What’s more, as many as 32 teams are to participate in them – which appears to be a surprisingly large number, all the more so because now, with the 24-team system, the interest in watching matches of low-ranked teams is very weak, which the ongoing tournament in Poland and Slovenia has proven. This is not the end of potential changes. The FIVB is also considering introducing the World Championship every two years. Additionally, there’s talk of postponing the dates of the continental championships from August/September to December and even years.

Is the volleyball world going to experience a revolution and is the FIVB making a mistake with these changes (that if they actually happen)?

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