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PHI W: Filipino star Valdez admitted to hospital after getting dengue virus

by WoV

Alyssa Valdez, a prominent figure in Filipino women’s volleyball, has disclosed that she’s recovering from dengue.

Alyssa Valdez (Photo: facebook.com/AlyssaValdez2Official)

Valdez is recuperating from the dengue virus, a viral ailment that can affect a person’s body more severely than others and is spread to people through the bite of infected mosquitoes.

According to the post of a 29-year-old player on Instagram, she was scheduled to travel to Germany to an event for Allianz a few days prior to playing for the national team of the Philippines at the 2022 ASEAN Grand Prix (September 9-11 in Thailand). She, unfortunately, had dengue, according to the testing. Valdez admitted that her initial dengue symptoms were very bad, including a high temperature, bodily aches, and headaches. The outside hitter was unable to eat or drink anything at all. Thankfully, her fever subsided after six days. She added that then her platelet count had dangerously decreased to 37.

“It was at this point that my doctors decided to admit me in the hospital with some initial discussions of a blood transfusion.” Multiple MVP and Best Outside Spiker of the Filipino Championship described her first few hours in the hospital as “very crucial“. Finally, her doctors opted against the transfusion in light of the lab results. Now, things started to gradually improve for Valdez.

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