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FRA M: Pascal Foussard about Volleyball National League

by WoV
source: actuvolley.com

The relationship was not rosy between Pascal Foussard, the manager of Tours VB and Volleyball National League, things do not seem to have changed much. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Tours VB

Interviewed on the back to competition of Tours players (on 29 December against Sète): “Already, we are not at all happy to replay any time soon, says in La Nouvelle République. Like all other clubs, we wanted to move this day on December 23 and then to have break. National League refused, apparently for communication. To come back to us, we decided we wanted to give Mauricio Paes and his players six days of rest. They usually have four so we take a small risk, but we honestly think they need to properly relax”.

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