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POL M: Bełchatów starts “new project” with Falasca

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source: skra.pl; Photo: skra.pl

At the press conference of Skra PGE Bełchatów - club president Konrad Piechocki, Miguel Angel Falasca, Mariusz Wlazły and new, although perfectly familiar to Bełchatów team, the receiver Stephane Antiga - made their appearance.

Wlazły, Piechocki, Falasca, Storti and Antiga

Wlazły, Piechocki, Falasca, Storti and Antiga

Everybody pointed out that the new era came to the club from Bełchatów – the time of change – and this season was described as the “new project”. The main architect will be no one else but legendary Miguel Falasca.

“There is no good time to make changes,” said Konrad Piechocki, but he added that those changes were inevitable. “The most important personnel change took place, of course, on the position of the first coach. I assure you that this choice was not accidental. We gave the team to a man who we know, although with a slightly different role to play. Miguel has my full confidence, but I do not only see Falasca in the new role. The assistant coach will be our current statistician, Fabio Storti.”

New coach, Miguel Falasca, talked about his surprise when the management of Bełchatów offered him the position of the first coach.

“Of course I was surprised. In February and March I decided to terminate the career and in April president Piechocki called me and made the offer to lead Skra”.

Falasca insisted that he is happy to work in Bełchatów. Knowledge of the club, the people, the players and the city is very helpful in finding a new role.

Asked if Skra is the right club to begin a coaching career he answered: “I do not know if there is a better place to make the debut as the coach. Every coach wants to lead this team”.

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