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CL W: Bronze for VakifBank, Chemik without medal (VIDEO)

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It’s not shiny as gold, but it is still a medal. VakifBank has defeated Chemik Police and won the bronze medal at the CEV Champions League Final Four.

Chemik Police vs. VakifBank

Chemik Police vs. VakifBank

VakifBank top scorers: Sonsirma 18, Rašić 16.

Chemik Police top scorers: Veljković 9, Bednarek-Kasza 9.


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  05. 04. 2015 15:00 VakifBank Istanbul ( W ) vs KPS Chemik Police ( W ) 3:0 25:19, 25:21, 25:17   

Despite losing the chance to play in the big finals, Chemik Police had a huge support from its fans in the battle for the bronze medal. And, the home crowd could be pleased with the start of the game. Polish side quickly escaped to +4, 12:8, 13:9, 14:10, but that is the moment when VakifBank took over the control of the first set. Turkish team scored 5 points in a row! Gozde Sonsirma was excellent at the service line, and VakifBank went ahead at 15:14.

The score got tied at 15:15, then at 16:16, but VakifBank then made perhaps the crucial run in this set. Girls led by Giovanni Guidetti scored 3 consecutive points for 19:16, and performed a routine finishing. Milena Rašić closed the set with an ace – 25:19, 1-0 for the Turkish team.

Second set was really extraordinary. Chemik had a minimal lead at 14:13, but then VakifBank scored 5 points in a row and escaped to 18:14! It seemed that everything is over, but… It was time for the big run of the Polish team. Ana Bjelica had several great serves, while Malgorzata Glinka-Mogentale was unstoppable in attack and Chemik scored 6 points in a row! From 14:18 to 20:18! However, another turnaround was on the way.

Bjelica made a service mistake probably in the worst possible moment and stopped the amazing run of her team. VakifBank was only waiting for that. Turkish side quickly tied the score at 20:20, and then took next 3 points as well for 23:20! Young Kubra Akman made difference, as it was her who made two crucial blocks in that run. Eventually, Gozde Sonsirma scored the last point of the second set – 25:21, and VakifBank doubled the overall lead – 2-0!  

When you are down 0-2 against team as VakifBank, then all the odds are that you will lose the following set as well. And, that is exactly what happened in this match. Chemik was able to keep up with Vakif only until 12:10. After that, Turkish side scored 4 in a row and escaped to 16:10… It was all over. Sheilla Castro finished the match with an ace – 25:17! VakifBank scored a 3-0 win and seized the bronze medal.


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