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POL M: Maciej Olenderek – We feel no pressure

by WoV
source: plusliga.pl

Maciej Olenderek speaks about the game between AZS Politechnika Warszawska and LOTOS Trefl Gdansk, Plus League, coach Jakub Bednaruk, the upcoming match against Asseco.


AZS Politechnika Warszawska – team

Lotos was theoretically weaker, but won. Why?

It seems to me that we did not play like in previous games. LOTOS has a very good team and gave us a really big problem. Proving to us that it does not matter whether they play at home, or away, they can win.

You second in the table. Do you feel the pressure?

Coach Bednaruk constantly repeats to us that there is no pressure. Before the start of the season no one expected that we would be in this situation, with so many points gained. I think that, after all, we have a littel pressure. Especially in the confrontations with the theoretically weaker teams where we are a favorite. The team focused on the game with us, they have nothing to lose and they want to take points. But we try not to think about the pressure and just play volleyball.

With your good game you have more and more viewers.

For this, I am very pleased. I would like to thank the fans. This is the third game in a row, where we had a lot of viewers. Hall was filled to the brim. I hope it will be like this for the rest of the season. We will try to win, just for the people who support us.

In a week a match in Rzeszów … What can we expect from this game?

Fight. For sure we will fight. We can not afford not to take it seriously. It seems to me that this is a challenge where we will have more will to fight. Asseco Resovia is the champion of Poland, so they will be the favorite.

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