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ITA M: Perugia part ways with Vital Heynen

I am very surprised how Atanasijevic is treated this year in Perugia. As a captain, one of the best opposite in the world, he was forced to sit on the bench for the whole season in his 8th season with Perugia. If you recall 3 years ago, Zaytsev had to leave Perugia because he wanted to play opposite and couldn't because of Atanasijevic. I am not sure why Sirci allowed that.
And then to add an insult to an injury, Heynen decided to ignore young Sherone Vernon-Evans who is one of best young opposites in the world and put average outside hitter Ter Horst in opposite slot.
Anyone has any idea what happened here? Reply

ITA M: Perugia part ways with Vital Heynen

Why? Atanasijević is the answer. Reply

TUR W: VakıfBank’s championship celebration getting ready - 2-0 in final against Fenerbahçe

Re: @xx
Italian loby... :)
By the way Maybe Eczacibasi can play in CL with wild card.
4th Italian club participated CL because some clubs withdrawed from tournament. It was specific to pandemic year.
So Eczaci may join CL with similar way.