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F4 in Bucharest: Gozde Kirdar MVP

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
Of course, giving an award to Gözde Kirdar an award is not a problem. The problem is the MVP award in question. Isn’t it the MVP award is based on statistics and performances in the tournament. Any other criterion for MVP? If her statistics was like in second, then ok. She did make an impact in Turkish volleyball league and maybe a bit in the European league, but does not earned her the MVP? Another special award should be given for retiring players who did make a difference in the world of volleyball sports. Reply

F4 in Bucharest: Gozde Kirdar MVP

She was the team captain of vakifbank when they won 4 champions league cup. CEV honoured her by choosing MVP, there is nothing wrong about that, she is a big player and she had an important role especially in reception and defence. Last matches of important players should have something special and CEV honoured her, which was really nice. Reply

CAMPIONE D’ITALIA! Eruption of joy at PalaEvangelisti, Perugia win historical Scudetto (VIDEO)

Well that almost seemed planned. :) Lube was no match for the home team and the Perugia faithful and their prayers were answered . Congrats to Perugia for raising the level of Italian volleyball to a new level. Other clubs are going to follow your model and Mens Volleyball is on a rebirth in Italy.
For me, De Cecco was really the glue for the team and his leadership was demonstrated. His connection with Russell seems to be working itself out like the end of game 1 on the devestating bic. That needs to be run more. Podrascanin has been a lube killer and x factor. Zaytsev and Atanasijevic were entertaining but they need to bring that level and energy on the road more.
Congrats to the Perugia coach and president. Bravo! Reply