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TUR W: Gabi Guimaraes’ Emotional Farewell to VakifBank After Five Glorious Seasons

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Amidst a sea of rumors and confirmed transfers in the volleyball world, the heartfelt statements from Turkish powerhouse VakifBank and its star player, Brazilian Gabriela Guimaraes—known as Gabi—stand out. After five successful seasons with VakifBank, Gabi’s departure marks the end of an era characterized by triumphs and transformative experiences.

Gabi’s journey with VakifBank began in 2019, when she arrived in Turkey, a professional athlete with dreams and aspirations yet to be fulfilled. Over the years, Gabi evolved from a hopeful player into a complete athlete, cherished not only for her skills but also for her character. Her heartfelt message reveals the depth of her bond with the team and her coach, Giovanni Guidetti. She expressed immense gratitude, stating, “I arrived here a dreamy girl, and now I leave a complete athlete, aware of what it truly takes to be one.”

VakifBank, often described by Gabi as a family, fostered an environment where every employee’s dedication went beyond mere professional obligation. They nurtured their athletes with care, welcoming them daily with smiles that Gabi insists “have no price.” This nurturing atmosphere was crucial in her development, making her departure not just a career move but a poignant moment of transition.

Gabi’s emotional statement also highlighted her relationship with Giovanni Guidetti, the coach who believed in her potential when doubts lingered. “He was the one who believed in me,” Gabi reflected, acknowledging how his confidence in her abilities pushed her to transcend her limits. Under his mentorship, she took on the role of team captain, a significant responsibility that she embraced fully, further solidifying her legacy at VakifBank.

The club’s farewell message to Gabi resonated with respect and admiration for her contributions, both on and off the court. “Thanks, Gabi,” VakifBank posted, acknowledging her role as an inspiration for young athletes and a pivotal figure in the team’s recent history.

As Gabi prepares for new challenges, her story remains a testament to the power of sports as a unifying force and a platform for personal growth. Her time at VakifBank was more than a series of matches; it was a life-changing journey that touched everyone involved—teammates, coaches, and fans alike.

In leaving VakifBank, Gabi carries with her not just trophies and accolades, but also the love and respect of a community that saw her grow from a promising athlete into a volleyball icon. Her legacy at VakifBank will inspire future generations, proving that the impact of a great athlete transcends the boundaries of the court.

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