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INTERVIEW: Hubert Henno for WoV – “It’s much better to be a player, than a coach”

by WoV

Hubert Henno is on his coaching journey. He is currently the head coach of Nantes, striving to achieve the goals of this team for the season 2021/2022.

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We’ve taken an opportunity to ask him about his coaching experience.

After spending 2 years in Tours, you took over Nantes. How did you come up with such a decision?

I took a decision to leave Tours because it was time to leave and to discover a new experience in my coaching career. I need a new challenge and that’s why I’ve decided to leave.“

How would you rate these two years spent in Tours?

These two years were a bit strange because of this pandemic in the world. In the first year, we didn’t finish the championship. We were first in the ranking, had great chances for winning trophies but we didn’t finish the season because of pandemic. The second season again was a bit strange because we didn’t have fans and we know how much is important to have fans in the stands. We also had a lot of injuries and everything was difficult. For me as a coach, I can confirm that I learned a lot.“

What are your overall expectations for this season?

For this season, the goal is very different. We will try to reach playoffs and if we are able to do that, we can consider the season a successful one.“

Are you satisfied with the team roster?

„I am satisfied with my team. We are having a great atmosphere from the prep period all the way to this moment. I believe in these players.“

Since you have enough experience to talk on this topic – what is more difficult – to be a head coach or a player?

It’s better to be a player. When you play you think only on these 2-3 hours of practice and when you play a game. Afterward, you are free. Coaches have much more tasks. During the practice you need to think always about improving, thinking about players current state and everything else…“

What does one coach need to do to be a successful coach?

Players pushing coaches towards success. You need to coach them in the right way. It’s all about coaches’ choice when selecting the players. They have to fit into your plans on the court and of course to behave well outside of it. For me, the choice of the players makes you a successful coach.“

What are your future plans regarding the coaching career?

Not sure yet. I am at the beginning of my career I need to learn more and more. Being a good leader and a good coach from a mental point of view, these are things I am focusing on not only the technical side of volleyball,“ says Hubert Henno.

Nantes are currently in the playoff zone in the French league. Hubert Henno is doing everything to achieve the goals they set before the start of the season.

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