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Ivović for WoV – „Belogorie’s offer was hard to refuse, Resovia’s fans are the best!“

by WoV
source: Photo: Darek Delmanowicz /PAP/sport.interia.pl

Marko Ivović had great season in the Polish team Asseco Resovia Rzeszów with whom he has won the silver medal at the 2015 Champions League F4 and the title in Poland. The Serbian receiver was one of the players whose transfer to Belogorie Belgorod was one of the most interesting since the end of previous season. In an interview for our website he revealed why he decided to go to Russia.

Marko Ivović

Marko Ivović

Many were surprised by your departure from Resovia. Why did you decide to go to Belogorie?

„After winning the title in Poland there were equal chances to stay and to leave Resovia. Came the offer from Belogorie that was hard to refuse. This opportunity is something that I couldn’t miss because it’s one of the best clubs in the world. Sill, it wasn’t an easy decision since I had great time in Resovia. I didn’t leave it for the money,“ Ivović explained for WorldofVolley.

Do you think it is a step forward in your career?

„I think it is. God looked at me and I was lucky to go step by step in my career from the beginning in Serbia. So far, it was great, I hope it will be in future as well“.

Could you compare the strength of the Polish and Russian league and tell us about your goal with Belogorie?

„I think that Russian league is stronger. I will now have the opportunity to see it for myself. It won’t be easy to adapt to the new country, but I will do my best. The goal is to go to the finals of the Russian league and Champions League at least, but it won’t depend on us only. Other teams are strong as well.“

How did your farewell with Resovia looked like?

„It was very emotional and I’m sad. They were fair all the time. The fans are something special, they are one the best if not the best. I’m grateful to them so many times and there is no team with such amazing supporters,“ Ivović ended.


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