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TWITTER INTERVIEW: Kim Yeon-Koung – “I am interested in becoming a coach!”

by WoV

Kim Yeon-Koung has answered on your #WoVChat questions! If you missed the live action on Twitter, here you can read the whole conversation between the Korean volleyball star and her fans.



Read the full Twitter interview with Kim Yeon-Koung and find out why she is wearing No. 10, what position she would like to play, what does she think of Zhu Ting…

Do you love Fenerbahce fans?

“I love the fans of Fenerbahce, they support our team so much and they give me a lot of motivation.”

What is the best match of your career?

“The best matches of my career were during London Olympics, I will never forget this experience! I hope this year we can qualify for Rio.”

If you were to play in another position, which one would you prefer?

“If I could play another position I would like to be a setter!!! I think it could be really fun!”

Is there a meaning behind number 10 for you? Why did you choose number 10?

“I chose #10 when I was in high school – so I wanted to keep it! I believe this is my lucky number.”

Do you want to return to Fenerbahce as a coach one day? We are proud of you legend!

“After volleyball I am interested in being a coach. I would like to help young athletes. I hope to have a foundation one day for it.”

How can you describe Fenerbahce with one word?

“One word to describe Fenerbahce – CHAMPION.”


What do you think about terror attacks in Turkey?

“I am so sad about the terror attacks in Turkey and all around the world. I hope they will stop and I am praying for the victims.”

How do you want to be remembered when you retire from volleyball?

“I hope people will remember me for my passion at the court.”

Which game has upset you the most in Fenerbahce?

“Last season in Champions League quarterfinals against VakifBank when we failed to advance to the Final Four.”

What do you think of your big fan, Zhu Ting?

“I am happy to have her as a fan, she is a great young player with a bright future!!!”

Will you play volleyball until Tokyo Olympics?

“Let’s see about Tokyo Olympics. Maybe.”

What’s your favorite food?

“My favorite Turkish food is – sote! Korean food – takboki.”

Thailand have many fans that support you. Do you like Thailand?

“Yes, I am so happy to have fans from all over the world! Thank you all for your support!”

What are the countries you want to visit in the future. Hi from the Philippines!

“I love to travel!! Someday I hope to come to Philippines also!”

Imagine it’s a very critical match point and it’s your turn to serve. Will you prefer tactical service or jump service?

“Jump service in critical moments!”

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