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FRA M: Repak – Demar, Nantes Rennes derby

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Nantes and Rennes will play on Saturday in the 17th round of the Ligue AM. Martin Demar, Nantes coach and Martin Repak Rennes player gave an interview.


Demar – Repak

Derby between Nantes and Rennes always has a special flavor?

Martin Demar: Yes, sure, it’s a derby, we are neighbors, we are not far away. The hall will be full. There will be a great atmosphere. It will be a beautiful celebration of volleyball. It’s always fun to play against Rennes.

Martin Repak: Yes, it will have a special flavor. It is always a bit special. But it is also a game like others even if I played at Nantes in the past. We’ll have to win as every other game.
What do you remember about your visit to Rennes / Nantes?

M.D.: A very good memory. I spent two great seasons at Rennes. We had a very good season. It was hard to leave Rennes, I would have loved to stay, but finally it did not happen. We had a great arena with good public, it was always full. It was very nice. I was very happy to spend two years there.

M.R.: I have very good memories. I spent two good seasons in Nantes. The first one was in Ligue BM, the second in Ligue AM. AM Ligue, even if we did not have much experience, was a very good season.
What is your view on your opponent?

M.D.: They won the Coupe de France last year. Currently, they are on a good momentum. At the moment, this is the best team in France. We respect them but we are not afraid to play against them.

M.R.: For the moment, they are third in the standings. They play well. This is a team that is not easy to beat. They will play very well. It is always difficult to win in Nantes. They have not lost a game at home this season (0-3 against Sète, ed.)
How do you approach this game?

M.D.: We won the first leg 1-3 (25-22, 23-25, 18-25, 18-25, ed.) We would like to confirm that at home. It will be a very difficult match but we’d like to win.

M.R.: It is much better from Christmas. In 2013, we won four games. Three in the league and one in the Cup. We are in a good run with our new player (Oliver Venno, ed.) We are happy but we must remain vigilant. We want to play in the play-offs, so try to take the three points in every game.
Is there one or more specific players you fear?

M.D.: No, Rennes is a team that is good everywhere. This is not the time to focus on a particular player.

M.R.: As I said, we must pay attention to Iban Perez. He attacks the most. So to win the game, we must playe good defense.

M.D.: I do not ever prognose the result of my team. We will play to win, I hope that it will be a good game.

M.R.: I hope we will win. I am not exactly threatening but I know we can win, we can. We must continue to work in training.

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